At the end of the Costa del Sol, just before reaching the province of Granada, we can find one of the most beautiful villages on the Malaga coast: Nerja

Maybe you’ve seen the TV series Verano Azul, where you can see images of its beautiful beaches and cobbled streets cycled along by the young actors.

But Nerja isn’t limited to its picturesque coast, beach bars and Chaquete’s boat.

Ecotourism lovers can also find different activities to have fun in a conscious way, enjoying nature and escaping from overcrowded tourism. 

If you’re looking for suggestions for your trip to Nerja, in this post we’ll tell you about 5 amazing plans that rank amongst our favorites activities to do here.

5 (not so typical) activities to do in Nerja

Nerja offers similar amenities as other towns from the Costa del Sol: wonderful beaches, exquisite gastronomy, great weather, and wonderful seaside landscapes…

However, Malaga also has much more to offer, such as unique places like cliffs, wild coves, and routes full of fun, sports and nature.

Do you dare to discover the 5 most adventurous activities in Nerja?

Alright, let’s start!

#1 Admire the waterfalls and natural pools of the Chíllar river

The Chíllar river, born in the Almijara mountains, is one of the most beautiful places to do an aquatic route in Malaga.

What makes this river different is the amount of water it has. It has much more water than the rest of the rivers in Andalucía (it can reach your ankles!), even in periods of drought.

This unique characteristic makes it perfect to visit at any time of the year because it’s never too hot or too cold.

The route is quite fun – you will walk above the rocks in the water, but it is easy and recommended for families.

If you want to do this water hiking route through the Chíllar river, a landscape full of vegetation, waterfalls, caves and natural pools of crystalline water awaits you.

#2 Visit Nerja Cave in a different way

Nerja cave is one of the most famous natural attractions in town.

It was declared a Site of Cultural Interest in 2006. Hidden inside, there are some impressive geological formations, as well as archaeological remains and cave paintings.

If you ask someone what to do in Nerja, the first thing they are going to tell you is visiting the cave.

Maybe it is a very ordinary thing to do, but you cannot leave without visiting it! Besides, on Mondays the entry is free for European union citizens.

But if you would like to get to know the more hidden curiosities and corners, then we recommend a much more unique experience.

On a few specific days a year, the cave offers two additional tours apart from the regular ones: “Science Under the Ground”, where you will access restricted spaces with archaeologists, and “Secrets of the Cave” to learn the mysteries and stories that few people know.

Isn’t that cool!? You can visit the official website of The Nerja Caves to find all the information.

#3 Discover the paradise in Maro beach

Maro is a little village in Nerja that is full of impressive cliffs and natural coves.

It is the perfect place for water sports such as snorkeling, diving, paddle surfing or kayaking.

If you don’t like crowded beaches because you’re more into natural and wild ones, then you will enjoy Maro a lot!

And talking about kids… If you are coming with your family, you can have an amazingly fun time on our pirate kayak route through Maro.

It is a journey full of adventure, riddles, laughter and fun where the pirate Barbarossa will accompany you in search of his lost ship.

We promise that you will fully enjoy not only the activity and the landscape, but also the moment of connection and bonding that you will form with the little ones.

#4 See Frigiliana: the most beautiful village from Andalucia

Now we are leaving Nerja to travel about 6 miles to visit Frigiliana.

And we are doing so because it is considered the nicest village in Malaga (and some say even in Andalusia).

For us, it is clear: Frigiliana has a special beauty.

Perhaps it is due to its cobbled streets full of flowers and plants, or maybe the blue doors and windows that remind us of the most picturesque Morocco.

But the truth is that this place has its own unique charm. Because of that, it’s something you just can’t miss if you have a free day and are looking for something to do in Nerja.

And yes, we also have a suggestion for the adventurous ones. Do you really think we forgot about that?

It is not an ordinary one: we suggest a simple but beautiful hiking route through the mountains of Frigiliana.

Nestled alu ong the Sierra de Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama Natural Park, this route has almost everything you could want: nature, caves, legends and incredible views of the sea as well as Nerja, Frigiliana and its mountains.

It’s worth getting out of Nerja, don’t you think?

#5 “Secret” beaches and mountains for the most adventurous

We have reached the expert level when talking about planning a trip to Nerja.

For the sporty, adventurous and risky folks, we have two different beach and mountain plans for you to choose from (or you can do both, of course).

For those who love beaches, here you are three almost secret coves where you will literally only find sand, water and rocks:

  • Carabeillo Beach: a small cove only accessible by foot via some steps that surround the mountain. Despite being within the town, it is very quiet, natural, and full of vegetation.
  • Alberquillas beach: water, sand and rocks. We say that, because it is true. This is a totally virgin beach, without any services and zero overcrowding. Even the shower comes straight from a spring in the mountains! You will need a car to get there, of course.
  • Cala del Pino: this is a semi-nudist cove that is accessed by a steep path that goes directly from the road to the shore. You will love it because there are not many people, and its crystal-clear water is perfect for snorkeling.

And now, mountain time!

What do you think about learning to climb in the heart of the mountains?

If you felt butterflies in your stomach reading that, our climbing initiation route in the Nerja mountains is just for you.

What can we say? We’ve got amazing plans with a little risk involved for adventure lovers.

Now that you know what to do in Nerja, what are you going to do first?

These were the 5 activities that we suggest you try during your visit to Nerja. Some are more daring, others are cultural, some you can do alone, or with your family…

All of them are packed with nature and adventure all while creating awareness for the environment. Conscious tourism allows others to enjoy the awesome landscape of Nerja for many years more.

If any of our routes or activities have caught your attention and you want to learn more, you can click here and send us a message.

Which one are you looking forward to doing the most? Tell us in the comments!