You to understand why we had that dream separately a little better, if you let us tell you about ourselves in a little more detail:

David: Real life, no additives.

I don’t really believe in the “eco” concept, because it’s what I’ve been nurtured with throughout my childhood. I grew up picking fruit from my parents’ orchard, plowing fields on the tractor with my late grandfather and playing in two small towns in Córdoba with nature as my only companion. At school I was educated in an open and free method. Slow and eco, therefore, for me, is normal.

I knew from a very young age that I would be a guide and so it was: I got a degree in Physical Education Teaching, a degree in Sports Science and Physical Activity, a postgraduate degree in Activities in the natural environment, active tourism and adventure pedagogy, an intermediate degree in Mountain Sports Technician Level 1 and Canyoning Technician Level 2, as well as other courses that I won’t mention in order to keep this brief.

I have lived in several countries, I have learned languages and I have felt an active part of many cultures and natural environments. This is how I arrived in Brazil.

Fernanda: always on the move

They say I started dancing when I was inside my mother’s belly. As I used to say when I was a child, I thought I was a fairy with a certain magnet for butterflies. I grew up in a little house in Rio de Janeiro with quite a few animals while I traveled all over Brazil. I learned to appreciate the sights, the water, the landscapes, the animals, the jungle, the flowers, the cultural mixture and the freedom.

In Rio, I became an advertising and marketing technician, professionally learned photography and took a survival course in the jungle before entering college to study Social Work. Afterwards I continued my training as a Paddle surf instructor, Mountain Sports Technician (TD1) and Leisure Time Instructor.

Since I was a child, I knew that I would live a life closely linked to people and nature and I have not stopped until I achieved it hand in hand with David, my partner in adventure.

Who is behind Local Experiences?

Butterflies, Bahia, real lives, a crush in Vale da Lua...

How could we not end up like this?


I get on a plane and arrive in Brazil, with a very light backpack, but full of dreams and desire to conquer the world, starting with Bahia.

I discover that there is a festival of cultures with music in the jungle and I say “Hey, let’s see if I can make it”.

I raise my thumb and the first car that passes stops and picks me up. I ask the driver to take me to the festival and in a few hours I’m there, with my backpack just as light, but full at the same time.

I’ve always been a very curious person; I don’t know. I’m very curious about everything around me.


Facial expressions.


Noticing the small details that normally go unnoticed is what occupies my mind at every moment.

When I arrived at the festival, I headed to a river surrounded by trees and waterfalls. It was called Vale da Lua, and there I met a person taking pictures with an analog camera.

The eyes with which he looked at me for the first time spoke volumes. They were communicating, they were telling me something… But it’s time to pass the baton to her.

I have always loved butterflies; on the mountain where I lived as a child there were so many that I even thought I was a magic fairy.

They would land on me, several at a time, as I gazed at steep slopes full of lush vegetation, endemic trees and landscapes colored in green.

My life’s journey took me to a festival in the heart of Brazil.

I went with my friends and set out to photograph with my camera everything that caught my attention.

The area, with a great geological interest, was a great motivation.

The shapes sculpted by the water were simply spectacular and were not going to escape the reach of my lens… until I looked up and saw, for the first time, the one who would end up becoming my adventure partner in this life.

And so began our story. The story of a couple that complements each other perfectly. The backpacker with the desire to conquer the world, David, from Seville. The magical fairy who photographs nature, Fernanda, from Rio de Janeiro.

Together we are Local Experiences.

We went on TV

Look at the show they made us in Canal Sur.

At Local Experiences, we promote what we believe in

Which is also what we like to do the most.

We like people, sports, nature, feeling local, teaching, enjoying, seeing illusion in others and spontaneity in all its forms.

And that is why we have ecotourism in our essence. Check it out in what we offer you:

Adventure Experiences

A dozen activities in natural enclaves to remember, almost always in the province of Málaga. Via ferratas, canyoning, hiking, kayaking, climbing... Sustainable experiences, with a lot of human kindness and designed with care.


The province of Málaga has just so much, and so much to offer if you want to know it in depth, that we have created a blog to help you know where to get started. We talk about plans, things related to our activities and local geography.

But what happened after that first meeting?

You already know the end: we started Local Experiences and now we live doing what we love the most, aside from being in love.

But it wasn’t easy. Far from it, actually.

Alot of things happened between that first look and the day Local Experiences saw the light of the day.

We traveled through South America and Africa. We hiked hundreds of trails, climbed dozens of mountains and navigated numerous rivers while we got to know each other ibetter.

When I had to return to Spain due to my job, I told Fernanda to come and get to know my life and a few days later I was flying home on a plane.

I remember that the first time I flew to Spain I was surprised.

That’s because of the joy of its people, the beautiful nature, the contrasts, the gastronomy, the customs and the sea of possibilities it offered to a person like me.

I encouraged David to quit his job so that we could start a company and make our dream come true, as the idea had been forging for years in our separate minds: to be able to dedicate ourselves to sustainable adventure activities around the planet, meeting people, having fun and making the world a better place.

We had to break down a lot of mental barriers to jump into the pool, but we did it.

Because you only live once, right?

You to understand why we had that dream separately a little better, if you let us tell you about ourselves in a little more detail:

Do you understand us now? If your answer is yes, let us tell you something.

It's your turn: it's your turn to choose an experience

If you like adventure, they are for you. if you want to know Málaga and its geography in a different way, if you can’t live without having fun, if you take care of the planet as much as we do, if you don’t like mass tourism, if you want to improve yourself, if you can’t conceive life without other people and if you identify yourself with our way of doing things.

We will make what’s ahead of you well worth your while, whatever activity you choose: