Hiking in Frigiliana: Let's go to the mountains!

Fun and easy hiking route through a Natural Park featuring local history and speleology.

Hiking in Málaga

If you find hiking in the mountains appealing, but if a long trek sounds a little intimidating. You want to experience the exquisite beauty of a Natural Park firsthand, but aren’t sure where to start.  

Well, this may be for you: a simple hiking route through the mountains of Frigiliana, in the Sierra de Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama Natural Park. Spectacular views, hilarious explanations by our guides, cave visits (optional)… and yes, it’s safe for everyone: no previous experience required.

Keep reading and we’ll tell you about it. 

Hiking in Frigiliana | Let's go to the mountains in four points

Here’s a sneak peek: some pictures to stoke your curiosity: 

Here's what this hiking experience in Frigiliana includes.

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Qué, ¿hay ganas o no?

Y es que esta experiencia de barranquismo en Río Verde, en pleno Parque Natural de la Sierra de Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama (cerquita de la frontera entre Málaga y Granada), además de ser una de las más buscadas, es la que más disfrutamos nosotros.

Y no es para menos; todo lo que hemos puesto en esa lista de ahí arriba es verdad. Mira->

Material de calidad

Y homologado. Te damos todo lo necesario para que vivas esta experiencia a tope y de forma segura.

Un guía...
que es más que eso

Queremos que entiendas la zona como lo hacemos nosotros. ¿Guía o amigo? Al final ya veremos 😉

Fotos y vídeos muy cañeros

Fotos y vídeos muy cañeros Desde el primer momento te grabamos vídeos y echamos fotos que puedas llevarte como recuerdo. Con una GoPro.

Ecopicnic final

Cuando acabemos, cervecita y productos de proximidad para recuperar energías… Con el subidón de haber superado el reto.

Hiking in Frigiliana and the Sierra de Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama Natural Park is as rewarding as it is fun… and interesting! Let us describe step by step how this experience is from beginning to end. 

Here's a breakdown of the trek through the mountains of Frigiliana:

We pick you at the meeting point in Nerja, at the bus station. Then we travel in our van to the heart of the Natural Park – that’s where the mountain trail starts. Don’t worry, we’ll also learn a little about the tropical flora and fauna that are indigenous to the area.   

And the mountains… Oh, the mountains! How beautiful, elegant, imposing and magical they are. The route, a one-hour outbound walk, takes us to its peak, so get ready to enjoy.

Provided that the weather conditions are clear, the views from this summit are amazing! You may enjoy the view of the village of Frigiliana, Nerja, the surrounding mountains with their green slopes, and the Mediterranean sea … yes, it’s a landscape full of contrasts. Our witty guide will keep you engaged and you will thoroughly enjoy his hilarious explanations.

After putting our cameras to work with loads of pictures and videos, we’ll walk downwards and make a rather interesting (though optional) stop: a small cave where we will experience the feeling of being immersed in complete darkness. And when we say complete, we mean pitch black, complete darkness. If you don’t feel comfortable in the dark, you may want to stay outside for a few minutes.

Our guide tells you about Arab treasures, shelters, legends and stories and tells it via Ali Baba and the 40 thieves, which is especially fun for children (and adults alike). We can’t stress enough how entertaining our guide’s tales are…. 

When we get out of the cave we will go back to the van and have an eco-picnic next to tropical trees before heading back to the meeting point. The pictures and videos we take with our GoPro will be sent to you the same afternoon or the next day at the latest. 

So, does this hiking route through the mountains in Frigiliana make the Natural Park sound interesting to you? 

Here’s what previous adventurers say about this experience

What else can be said? An easygoing trek, an introduction to speleology, interesting and funny stories and a final eco-picnic. Yeah, I guess it’s quite a popular experience! And we didn’t have to point a gun at anyone’s head to get this great feedback (promise!). These are honest free-willing testimonies: 

What do we need from you in order to complete this hiking route in Frigiliana.

It's not complicated, but important. Just keep reading:

You have to bring proper footwear and comfortable clothes.

If you'd rather bring your own food and drink for the final eco-picnic, that’s fine with us.

You will have to be at the meeting point in Nerja at 09:30h.

And that's it!

Below are some additional details also included in the experience, but they weren't exciting enough to list above

Environmental permit from the Junta de Andalucía.

You need to have a special permit to enter this area of the Rio Verde. Not just anyone can enter... Well, we do have one 😉

Liability and accident insurance

Required by law; not that we doubt your ability to descend rivers. We provide this for you.

Why should you book this experience with us?

Best price guaranteed

You won't find it cheaper anywhere else. It's our experience, remember 😉

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Get a refund if something happens (hopefully not!) and you end up being unable to come.

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Is this experience for you?

We think so, but take a look for yourself. These are the types of folks we typically get: 

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Solo Adventurers

But this is what sets the tone:

This trek is for you if...

And it's not if...

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We'll meet at the meeting point in Nerja (bus station)

and go in our van to the starting point in the Natural Park.


Together we'll experience and appreciate

the beautiful places like we were kids again.


We return you to the above-mentioned meeting points.


We send you a link with the photos and videos we’ve taken.

Trust us, you’ll want to remember this adventure!

Who is behind all of this?

We are a company aware of the world in which we live, and at the same time that we take care of it, we try to teach in an authentic and very responsible way. But we also like to have a great time, cold beers and eat well, don’t think about it.

Here’s what previous adventurers say about this experience

What else can be said? An easygoing trek, an introduction to speleology, interesting and funny stories and a final eco-picnic. Yeah, I guess it’s quite a popular experience! And we didn’t have to point a gun at anyone’s head to get this great feedback (promise!). These are honest free-willing testimonies: 

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don’t: it’s a very low demanding/intensity route. 

Sports shoes and comfortable clothes, and only if you want (because we provide it), food and drink for the eco-picnic. Although we provide food and drink for the eco-picnic, you are welcome to bring any other snacks or beverages you need. We especially recommend you bring something extra to drink – the water we provide is a half liter plastic water bottle. In short: if you can bring your own drink, all the better (and if it’s in a sustainable container, that would be peeeeerfect).

No. You will have to be at the bus station in Nerja at 08:30h. If you want us to pick you up in Málaga or elsewhere there will be an additional cost.

We will enter with a headlamp and helmet, and at a given moment we will turn it off and we will be in complete darkness. We will also talk about the typical rock formations, the stories that happened in the past and we will weave it all together through the legend of Ali Baba.

No, it is not mandatory to enter. We will be inside for approximately 45 minutes.

Monday and Wednesday mornings throughout the year. For other days (and times), only on request.

Yes, about 10 people more or less. We prefer smaller groups so we can get to know our adventurers, and that is impossible with too many people. There is also the option to make the experience totally private; you just have to ask us for it.

 If you let us know at least 5 days in advance, yes: the full amount. In case it is due to a medical reason, if you give us proof of such, we will refund the money regardless if you let us know 5 days in advance. 

Of course. We will make you a voucher, so you can surprise whoever you want.

And that’s it, adventurers! All that’s left to do now is for you to decide if this hiking route through Frigiliana is just what you were looking for:

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