Adventure experiences in Malaga

Sustainable, fun and for all ages: there is something for everyone!

Having fun in a big way is not incompatible with taking care of the planet we live in and in Local Experiences we develop adventures with that in mind. So much so, that we have designed – and continue to design – sustainable experiences in the province of Malaga for all tastes and colors, but always with a clear premise: they must revolve around ecotourism.

This is what our adventure experiences in Màlaga look like:

Sustainable with the environment

Every time you take part in one of them, you also take care of nature, the scenery of our adventures.


Discover a new way of getting to know our destination points.


You'll have a great time, just wait and see. You will want to repeat.


Feel the satisfaction of overcoming a risky activity, which is no small feat.


These activities are perfect to take care of our bodies and our minds.


Delight yourself with these adventures in the nature and take home a pleasant memory.

Before taking a look at all the experiences, check out what’s included in all of them to get a more accurate idea:

Ecopicnic with local products

Seasoned local guide

Languages: Spanish, English, French and Portuguese

Photos and videos shot with our GoPro

And very high doses of fun and personal treatment, because we only work with small or ultra-small groups.

Come on, let’s see those experiences:

Canyoning Experiences

We love canyoning; we can’t deny it. Going down the river, following the course of the water, rappelling, jumping several meters and swimming through turquoise waters is a real wonder. These are our two of the adventure experiences related to canyoning:

Canyoning in Rio Verde
If you don't know where to start, do it here because you'll sing “Bingo!” for sure. A descent through a beautiful environment with jumps to remember and two difficulty options.
Canyoning Almanchares
Canyoning among dreamlike landscapes and a route next to Canillas de Aceituno, with a possible cultural visit at the end. Sport and culture hand in hand in this complete activity.

Via ferrata

If you like strong emotions, but you rather don’t get wet as it happens with canyoning, maybe you are looking for a via ferrata. We offer three of them:

Via Zafarraya
Zip lines, bridges and vertical ascents in a via ferrata that’s ideal for beginners. If this is your first via ferrata, the Boquete de Zafarraya is your best option.
Caminito del Rey
This Via ferrata is located next to the famous path on the heights, in one of the most famous natural areas of Spain. Feel the true verticality and let yourself get carried away by this amazing Via Ferrata
3 vias ferratas in 1! Steel rungs in the rock, bridges and a zip line mark an experience suitable for all ages in the Balcony of the Costa del Sol.

And this is what they think of us


Hiking through these natural enclaves sets a before and after when it comes to trekking, just to let you know. We do four routes, including one on water. Take a look for yourself:

Cliffs and beach with snorkeling
Wild nature, wonderful contrasts and some snorkeling at the end in a hidden beach with a secret access tell this experience apart. You’ll definitely love the cliffs of Maro Cerro Gordo.
El Saltillo
Two alternatives to enjoy a wonderful rural area, including one of the most spectacular suspension bridges in Spain. This trail packs a stronger punch than you may think, are you up to the challenge?
Frigiliana: Let's go to the mountains
This is a low demanding route through the mountains of Frigiliana, in the heart of a natural park that offers magical landscapes and breathtaking vistas at every step, including entrance to a cave!
Water hiking in the Chíllar River
Yes, this one’s aquatic, just as you read it. It’s a fantastic route, one of the most famous in Andalusia, walking on turquoise waters that also has another more physically demanding alternative. Feel like going for a good soaking walk?

And this is what they think of us

Kayak Experiences

Amazing route between the cliffs of Maro – Nerja, we will see paradisiacal coves, waterfalls, caves, marine fauna, and the turquoise color of the Mediterranean.
We also do this kayak route in a playful way, interpreted, for families with children.

Kayak VIP tour in Maro - Nerja
Amazing route between the cliffs of Maro-Nerja, we will see heavenly coves, waterfalls, caves, marine fauna and the turquoise color of the Mediterranean. 
Pirate Kayak Maro Beach
Ideal for children 6 years old and above, and for parents who want to have a great time with them, of course. Captain Barbarossa needs your help: will you join the pirate in this adventure and help him rescue his ship?

And this is what they think of us

Rock Climbing

Get started in sport climbing, feel your strength, and verticality in the limestone, and enjoy climbing and its benefits.
Immersion in sport climbing in natural rock for beginners.
We will make a classroom to present material, techniques and safety guidelines, then we will climb initiation routes in the nature of Nerja.

Rock Climbing Initiation
Three vertical routes for an ultra-small group. Immersed in the quietness provided by this natural park and the sweet chirping of birds. Can you think of a better way to get started?

They have been carefully designed for all kinds of adventurers: groups of friends, families, couples, solo adventurers… all with a common denominator: their desire to enjoy nature.

Do you come with your family?

And where do we enjoy them?

In the province of Malaga: parks and natural landscapes, mountains and coasts or pretty much wherever Andalusian nature lends us a place worth remembering. Axarquía, Costa del Sol and a little bit of Costa Tropical are our favorite destinations and we Nerja-Frigiliana as our base.

For now, of course; because we have other Andalusian destinations in mind, as well as Brazil and Africa.

Who is behind Local Experiences' sustainable experiences?

David here

We are qualified local guides and our passion for nature and teaching our culture unites us.

We believe in taking care of the planet as if it were our child and we love to have fun every day. As a result of that, Local Experiences was born, but we better tell you about it in the full-version:

Some questions about our experiences have been frequently asked

Such great plans in such magical and hidden places surely make you wonder many things about our Local Experiences: Is there a transportation service? Can we give them as a present? And can we cancel them?

We`ll try and answer some of them in advance:

They do, but only from the meeting point to the place where the activity takes place, not from your location to the meeting point.

Each experience has its own meeting point and there always is public transportation to get there without a problem.

Aspecial transportation service can be hired upon request. If you want us to pick you up at a specific place, it will have an extra cost that you should ask us about in advance.

In almost every experience, we include a little time to eat and drink something and chat, usually at the end of the experience. We provide the products ourselves and they’re all locally produced. We also give you half a liter of water, although it is better to bring your own in case you need more.

If you let us know 5 days in advance or earlier, you get a full refund. And if it is due to a medical reason, (a proof will be requested) we will give you a full refund, even if you don’t let us know 5 days before the experience would take place.

Yes, the added value of our experiences is that the treatment is very close, and that is impossible with large groups. The groups are usually about 3-4 or 9-10 people, depending on the activity.

Of course, but at an additional cost. We will perform the activity just for you and your group, although it will depend on the activity and how many people you are. Ask us with what you have in mind and we’ll find a way to make it.

Of course! In fact, we think that these adventure experiences in Málaga are ideal as a present. When you purchase them, we’ll send you a cool PDF voucher for you to send it and surprise whoever you have in mind. You’ll surprise them for sure!

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