Malaga and adventure sports go hand in hand! That being said, we have to admit that the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about our beautiful province is the sea and the beach. 

Andalusia is a land of contrasts, and we are lucky to have the ideal setting for both mountain and water activities.

Here we are going to tell you about 4 adventure sports you can enjoy in Malaga on your next visit! 

You are going to want to try them all – we promise!

Why come to experience the amazing adventure sports in Malaga?

Visitors to the area are surprised when they discover that Malaga offers the best activities from all over the world in just a 155 square mile radius.

In just one day you can enjoy a refreshing swim at the beach, take a picturesque hike, and also go rock climbing in the mountains!

Therefore, we think that Malaga is the best place to enjoy adventure sports: 

  • Malaga is one of the Andalucian states with the most Natural Parks – boasting 5 in total! Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara, and Alhama are the ones we visit the most on our routes. 
  • The province has a total of 18 via ferratas widely considered the most impressive in Spain.
  • Here you are going to have so much fun when practicing adventure sports… However, we can only guarantee that with us as your guides! 
  • There are few mountains in the world with such breathtaking views of the sea (and possibly Africa) as those in Malaga.

We don’t need any more reasons, do you?

4 adventure sports to enjoy in Malaga

The mountains are where you are going to find the most adventurous sports in Malaga.

That being said, we recommend that you also take the time to experience a cultural visit to one of our wonderful villages. In fact, some of our routes already include the experience so you can have an amazing day filled with sport and culture.

#1 Hiking in Malaga

Perhaps you don’t consider hiking an adventure sport, but it is a growingly popular activity in Malaga due to the routes available.

It is accessible to everyone, fun, and has lots of benefits for physical and mental health.

And if we add our eco-picnic on the way, it becomes the ideal activity to connect with nature and bring out your more sustainable side.

At Local Experiences, we run several hiking trails, each with its own charm.

Do you remember the breathtaking ocean vistas from the mountains that we mentioned before? Well, those are what you’re going to find while hiking in the Frigiliana mountains. 

It’s an enjoyable and easygoing route where you’ll enjoy vistas of caves, green landscapes, and  other amazing natural elements, and learn about hidden legends as well.

If you’re looking for true adventure sports, don’t worry, there is information for you as well.

We suggest you try the El Saltillo hiking route, where you’ll have the chance to cross the third longest suspension bridge in Spain and enjoy nature in its purest form.

#2 Canyoning in Malaga

There’s no doubt about it – canyoning is our favorite adventure sport to do in Malaga. 

Hidden in the mountains of the Sierra de Tejada, Almiara and Alhama Natural Park, you’ll find some great routes to go canyoning, swim in crystal clear waters, and get your adrenaline pumping.

If you want to learn more about canyoning and why we love it, keep reading.

This option is perfect if you are in good shape, want to try something riskier than a hiking route, and love connecting with nature via adventure sports.

There are two canyoning activities in Malaga that you can enjoy with us:

For those with a more adventurous nature we offer Rio Verde cliff. You are going to have such a great time with the jumps, the abseiling, the overhangs and the spectacular landscape full of nature and crystal-clear waters.

And for those who want everything: Almanchares cliff. You will enjoy a canyoning route full of jumps and abseiling in a wild place. Additionally, you can visit Canillas de Aceituno and its hanging bridge.

#3 Via Ferratas in Malaga

This is an advanced level via ferrata route! 

If hiking and canyoning are not enough and you want even more of a challenge, this is another adventure sport that’s perfect to try inin Malaga. 

Via Ferratas are vertical routes in the mountain with metal steps, zip lines and suspension bridges that allow you to move forward. Adventure guaranteed!

The province of Malaga is full of via ferratas (18 in total) and we cross three of them:

  • The Via Ferrata of Comares. 3 routes in 1, each with a different level. It also includes a cultural tour of Comares (a white-painted Spanish villa), also known as the Costa del Sol balcony. You can experience culture and adventure all in one day!
  • The Via Ferrata of Zafarraya. Have you ever seen modern art in the wild? This route includes three zip lines, Tibetan bridges, and monkey bridges, as well as art spread out amongst the trees and rocks. Ideal for those who want to make the most out of their experience. 
  • The Via Ferrata of Caminito del Rey. Explore this well-known and iconic route in a more daring and risky way. Climb the vertical walls, enjoy the zip line ride, and feel the emotion run through you as you pass through the Tibetan and monkey bridges.

#4 Summer Sports in Malaga

Spending a day of adventure sports in Malaga during your summer holidays is an option you can’t afford to miss out on!

We understand that on the Costa del Sol you want to enjoy the amazing water and beaches – but why not add some adventure in the mix!

For those looking for a good time, we recommend the following fun and cool ideas that everyone will enjoy:

  • Do you want to visit both the mountains and the beach at the same time? Hiking between cliffs through a Mediterranean forest, followed by an eco-picnic and snorkeling in the sea to see fish and corals. How does that sound? This is our hiking route and snorkeling for the Maro cliffs.
  • What about a mountain route through the crystal-clear waters of a river? On the aquatic hiking route for the Río Chillar, we will enjoy a day full in nature between freshwater pools and hidden caves.
  • And let’s not forget about those who want to go on family adventures! The perfect activity for families is the kayak pirate route in Maro (Nerja). You’ll have a great time assisting Barbarossa to get his boat back while navigating through the beautiful caves and waterfalls of Maro.

After hearing about these 4 adventure sports in Malaga… Which one are you going to do first!?

In this post, we talked about the funnest and most popular adventure sports to do in Malaga.

There is something for everyone: routes for lone travellers or for families, more dangerous routes, or more easygoing ones; routes with and without water…

But what all of them have in common is that you will have an amazing day surrounded by nature, in a small group, an eco-picnic included and very friendly guides.

All while respecting the environment and looking after our planet – it’s the only one we’ve got! 

However, if you are unsure about what your ideal adventure sport in Malaga is, or if you have any questions, please contact us! 

See you in the mountains!